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about us

Beacon Consultant Services Ltd brings together experienced data privacy and regulatory compliance specialists to provide support and viable solutions to organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our aim is to achieve organisational objectives in compliance through partnership using framework methodologies and our operational experience.

We believe that companies should comply with Data Protection laws, not just because they are obligated to, but because they believe that it is the right thing to do. Complying with the rules can help to build trust with your customers and employees, as well as helping with your brand reputation, customer loyalty in addition to keeping on the right side of the law.

We know your business is important to you, which is why our consultants utilise their extensive experience in regulatory compliance with passion, pragmatism, and enthusiasm. Our services provide you with peace of mind that the growing number of regulatory and legal requirements around data privacy is managed on your behalf. Getting data protection right, first time can make your business a differentiator when building trust and engagement with your customers and this demonstrates that data privacy is taken seriously to your employees, stakeholders, and investors.

If Data Protection is done properly it can lead to saving money in the long run.

Jamie swan pC.dp

Specialising in Data Privacy law, Jamie has most recently worked with blue chip organisations, serving millions of customers to implement their GDPR programme. Jamie has been supporting organisations to understand the implications of Brexit on data protection, ensuring appropriate mechanisms are in place to maintain compliance.

peter berry pc.dp

Peter’s main area of expertise is regulatory compliance, working with some of the largest energy suppliers and generators in the UK. He is a member of a number of industry working groups and committees, advising on regulation, including data privacy.

He is a qualified business coach, and this helps to embed a culture of compliance rather than black and white rules enforced on people and organisations.

our values

At Beacon Consultant Services Ltd, we have a strong sense of purpose and values as a business, and we want to ensure that our values can benefit you and your organisation. We demonstrate the following core values:

Restless passion

A belief in a better tomorrow and continually striving to help our clients, with coaching, development, and training.


Understanding our clients in a profound way; developing proactive solutions to make complex situations and regulations easier to understand and implement.


Our underlying purpose is to help organisations protect personal data and improve the standards of data protection in the UK.

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