Individuals are becoming more aware of Data Protection

The ICO are educating the public on Data Protection. So what does this mean for your business?

We’ve worked with many regulators over the years during our many different roles in Compliance, but it is the ICO that we find the most collaborative and coherent. They want organisations to get it right and want people to understand in simple terms more about how their personal data is used.

On 8th May 2019 the ICO launched its “’Be Data Aware’ campaign to help educate people and provide resources, such as fact sheets and information on people’s right to be informed.

The ICO are well and truly working in the interests of the consumer, but what does this mean to businesses?

Well with the ICO taking a pragmatic approach in ensuring that the general public are sufficiently clued up on all aspects of Data Protection, this leads to businesses being at greater risk if they are not complying with the rules of Data Protection. The more the public understand, the more they may look to you to understand how you are processing their personal data and understand when something you are doing with their personal data isn’t compliant with the rules of data protection which could result in a complaint to the ICO, leading to them knocking on your door.

This greater awareness of individuals rights has meant that there has been a significant impact on the numbers of concerns raised with the ICO from the public. Since the launch of GDPR on 25th May 2018 the ICO have received over 41,000 data protection concerns from the public, which is 20,000 more that the previous year.

People are being more aware and the ICOs Regulatory Action Policy sets out how they will use their enhanced powers to pull back the curtain on processing where the public have concerns. So as a business you need to ensure that you have the right policies, procedures and measures in place to treat your customers and employees personal data appropriately and compliantly so that if something does fall down - you know why, what to do and how to keep the ICO satisfied that you are in control of the personal data you process.

Beacon Consultant Services can help you to understand what it is you need to have in place and / or to act as Data Protection Officer (DPO) for your company, giving you peace of mind that you are treating personal data appropriately. Get in touch by giving us a call, dropping us an email or completing a contact form or for a free no obligation health check to understand your current data protection risk. 

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