Data Protection health check

What does a "Data Protection Health Check" involve?

If you want to understand more about your compliance to Data Protection, a health check is a good place to start.

Did you know that getting Data Protection right has far wider implications that just protecting personal data? It also has an impact on customer satisfaction, customer trust, revenue, employee morale, among other things*.

A health check is a great way to get the ball rolling in working towards these goals and assessing your current compliance to the Data Protection.

Understanding how you comply can help you to:

  • understand more about what you are required to have in place see the bigger picture of your data protection landscape 
  • uncover your risks and opportunities
  • help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • start to create a plan of action to work towards

It will help you to assess various topics vitally important to Data Protection and ask you to really think about how you are performing
against them. This will involve looking at:

  • where your data is held and how it flows both inside and outside of the organisation
  • what training you have in place
  • the validity of the contracts in placed with outsourced partners
  • what policies and guidelines you have in place
  • your transparency with individuals regarding data processing
  • consent mechanisms

Once the health check has been completed, we provide you with a high level report to help you understand the gaps that need to be filled, we’ll also recommend actions for your to take! Then it’s over to you! Whether you chose to fill those gaps yourselves or feel like you would benefit from having us help to deep dive and assist you in bridging those gaps is entirely up to you!

No commitment required and no obligation to enter into a contract once you have your health check report.

If you would like to discuss carrying out a health check please get in touch. This can be carried out internally within your organisation or can be done in conjunction with us, to help you through each of the steps.

*Source – Capgemini research 2019