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Every business is unique and requires different levels of support to manage their core operation. At Beacon we offer more than just support with Data Protection and Information Security.

We can also assist with

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Regulatory compliance support

In most service led organisations the regulations and laws are a fundamental part of delivering your business objectives, and ultimately protecting your consumers and stakeholders. 

Our Regulatory Compliance support can offer peace of mind that your operation has considered the vast number of regulatory and legal obligations and they don’t restrict or hamper the focus of your business. We have implemented and operationalised compliance frameworks in a number of organisations from small start up businesses to global corporations across multi sites. Our close working relationship with government, regulators, industry bodies and carefully selected partners enables us to bridge the gap between the external environment and your business. 

Our approach is to build a solid foundation of a compliance culture and embed regulatory & legal obligations into your processes rather than it being a ‘bolt on’.

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Culture, Coaching & mentoring

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Our consultants and partners have a vast amount of experience in setting the culture of an organisation and engaging with employees to ensure any business change, transformation or improvement is delivered seamlessly, with your people embracing the changes. 

We can coach individuals at any level of your organisation to help unlock their career potential, achieve goals and identify their blind spots and hidden skills. It may be that a ‘Mentorship’ would be more appropriate for those in your organisation who need to learn how to apply themselves in specific situations, such as delivering a presentation, becoming a high performing team to running a multi site operation.

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