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Consultancy Services Training Virtual Data Protection Officer (VDPO)

Our team can support you with everything a business requires to meet the high standards of the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. 

Our range of services can assist with the following:

* One-off Consultation * Enduring Consultation * Developing a sustainable framework & governance model * Training programmes * Outsourced DPO partnership * 

We offer a free, no obligation Health Check. Find out more here, or get in touch for more information or read more about the services we offer below.

consultancy services

At Beacon we can assist you with your data protection needs on an 'ad hoc' basis. It may be that you need:

  • resource for a specific project
  • support with incidents / breaches
  • a review & overhaul of your existing DP framework
  • a change to culture and mindsets around DP
  • DP specific documentation created and implemented.

If this is the case or there is anything else that you need, we can provide the support, guidance and expertise to your business.

Training sessions

Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience in GDPR, the UK’s Data Protection Act 2018, general data privacy, and regulatory compliance. 

You may want our help to:
    • upskill your teams
    • ensure that everyone in your business has a general understanding of Data Protection
    • have a specific topic you want to learn more about, or
    • want something bespoke tailored to you

    We can deliver onsite or virtual training.

    Virtual data protection officer (vdpo)

    Should you require a Data Protection Officer (DPO), or feel that your company would benefit from having one in place, here at Beacon we provide a Virtual DPO service, tailored to meet your budget and needs. We act on your behalf and the point of contact in this vital role, which is mandated in certain circumstances under the GDPR. 

    This is a solution that manages the duties of a DPO without the need of recruiting a full time employee or upskilling existing staff.

    The role of Beacon Consultant Services as your VDPO is detailed below. 

    Advice and guidance

    Regular contact with your business to assist with any queries, as well as offering advice to help you comply with your data protection obligations.

    annual gap assessment report and IMPROVEMENT plan

    An annual review of your risk status, which will be used to create a plan for the action required to secure compliance.

    monthly management status report

    Report on progress against an implementation plan as well as updates, bulletins, and information regarding legislative changes and the external data protection environment.

    ICO Liaison (Registration, Renewals, Notifications)

    Point of contact for the ICO on your behalf.

    breach management

    Ensure that any breaches are managed appropriately, dealing with the ICO and assisting with any stakeholder management.

    training and awareness

    Create and deliver bespoke data privacy training packages appropriate to your organisations needs. Working with you and your people, we can help you to change the culture of the organisation to meet the principles of the legislation. 

    data privacy impact assessment support

    Coordinate and guide Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's) within your organisation.

    annual audit

    Audit your organisation to provide you with an annual status report of your compliance against your data protection obligations identifying gaps or areas of improvement.

    UK Representatives

    At the end of the Brexit transition period, the UK will be considered a 3rd country. The UK govenment intends that after the transition period ends, the UK version of the GDPR will say that a controller or processor located outside the UK - but which must still comply with the UK GDPR - must appoint a UK representative.

    Beacon can provide you with this the following service to meet the requirements

    • Act as your EU clients point of contract to invoke a request against their individuals rights, such as Data Subject Access Requests, the Right to be Forgotten etc. 
    • Cooperate with the relevant Supervisory Authority on behalf of your company
    • Retain a record of your data processing activity within the UK.

    More information about Representatives can be found in our blog.

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