Data Protection support

What is DATA PROTection support?

We recognise at Beacon that you may want ongoing business support, but do not require a Data Protection Officer. 

We therefore offer very cost effective packages for those businesses who want peace of mind that they have someone to go to when they need GDPR / Data Protection support, but don't require some of the more involved elements of the DPO package.

We will work with you to understand what level of support you require and tailor a package that suits your needs as a business.

Who is data protection support aimed at?

Our Data Protection Support packages are ideal for companies that process smaller amounts of personal data. 

You still need to comply with the GDPR, even if your processing is minimal, so these packages would be perfect for you. 

Businesses who would benefit are:

  • a small business, like a sole trader or partnership who wants to know that they have support when it comes to their GDPR / data protection matters
  • a medium sized business, that requires some support, but not to the extent that a DPO provide, as data processing is minimal.

our role as your Data protection support

Data Protection Support

For small businesses, including sole traders and partnerships

  • ICO Registration & Renewal
  • Advice and guidance
  • Breach support
  • Training
  • Relevant Documentation templates

Prices starting from £115 (+VAT) per month

Privacy Manager

For small to medium businesses

  • ICO Liason
  • Advice and guidance*
  • Breach support*
  • Training*
  • Relevant Documentation templates*
  • Status Report
  • GDPR Plan

* indicates additional time allocated compared to

'Your Data Protection Support' package

Prices starting from £285 (+VAT) per month

UK Representative

For businesses within the EU who require a UK representative

If your business is based in the EU and processes personally identifiable data on citizens in the UK, then a 'UK Representative' may be required. 

Prices starting from €30 (+VAT) per month

View our Factsheet on EU Reps View our Brochure on UK Rep services

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