data protection officers working for you

As expert data protection officers and consultants, we’re able to offer an excellent breadth of services to clients in the South West, Wales and Midlands. We typically work virtually, providing high-quality services in an efficient, effective way. You always get the best with Beacon Consultant Services Ltd, so get in touch now to discuss your requirements or for a free Health Check.

Virtual data protection officer (vdpo)

Our VDPO service supports you in complying with the minimum requirements of the Data Protection Officer and includes:

Advice and guidance

This includes contact with your team to assist with any queries, as well as offering advice to help you comply with your data protection obligations.

annual gap assessment report and IMPROVEMENT plan

We’ll carry out an annual review of your risk status, and this will be used to create a plan for the action required to secure compliance.

monthly management status report

We will report on progress against the plan as well as updates, bulletins, and information regarding legislative changes and the external data protection environment.

ICO Liaison (Registration, Renewals, Notifications)

We will be the point of contact for the ICO on your behalf.

breach management

We'll ensure that any breaches are managed appropriately, dealing with any liaison with the ICO.

training and awareness

We will create and deliver an annual training package appropriate to your needs.

data privacy impact assessment support

We'll coordinate and guide privacy impact assessments within your organisation.

annual audit

At the end of each contractual year, we will audit your organisation to provide you with a status report of your compliance against your data protection obligations.

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Virtual data protection officer plus (vdpo+)

We also offer additional services, ideal for new businesses, organisations that need more support or those who just want to remove the stress of managing data protection. Our vDPO+ package includes everything included in the vDPO service, plus:

  • Additional Time per Month for Support and Guidance
  • An Annual Review and Maintenance of:
    • Records of Processing
    • Data Mapping
    • Policies & Individual Rights Processes
    • Privacy Notices
    • Contracts
    • Other Data Protection Relation Documentation

pay as you go

If you are looking for a more ‘ad hoc’ consultancy or resource for a specific project, training programme, or support with incidents/ breaches, we can provide resource on an hourly or daily rate basis. This service can be used to create policies, privacy notices, records of processing, and the mapping of your personally identifiable data within your organisation.

Training sessions

Our directors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in GDPR, the UK’s Data Protection Act 2018, general data privacy, and regulatory compliance. 

You may want our help to:

  • upskill your teams:
  • ensure that everyone in your business has a general understanding of Data Protection: or
  • have a specific topic you want to learn more about.

We can deliver onsite or virtual training on general data protection topics or something more tailored to your specific needs.